Sunday, December 20, 2009

D'Lish Sedona, Arizona - Very Vegetarian

D'Lish Vegetarian Restaurant - Sedona, Arizona

Recently I had the great pleasure of experiencing a few very good meals (and snacks) courtesy of D'Lish Vegetarian Restaurant in Sedona, AZ. You must eat there when in the area.

Scroll down for a little info from Agnes, the head chef and owner.

By the way, I wish that I could be there for their Vegan Christmas Feast (Hello, CT and RI Restaurants, get with it! - Sigh)

(I will be making my own 100% Vegan Christmas Dinner for our guests in CT this year, I just fantasize about being in Red Rock Country with Agnes' cooking asap...)

"I've never been a big meat eater so when I bought the restaurant and started to read books about vegan diets I became one a month after. So it has been now 3 1/2 years. I am happy and feel very healthy.
I knew very little about vegan cooking. The prior owner left me some recepies but they were not up to my standards, so i got a few books and tried different things and learned through and error.

I come from Poland, and I always loved to cook. I went to culinary school in Poland and worked in the restaurant but I got burned out and I said to myself that I "would never return to the kitchen." I went to the university and got my MA in Polish Literature, travelled a lot and ended up in the U.S. because I wished to learn English. And there I am--back in the kitchen and loving it! There is so much to create everyday!!!

I learned so much about vegan and raw cooking. I developed so many recipes. I teach myself about nutrition and new foods and create new things every single day. No special or soup or recipe is the same on any given day--which is why most people keep coming back. I'm trying to be very conscientious with my cooking and have many options for everybody including people with allergies and curable diseases.
My main focus and greatest strength is with my soups. In Poland we are crazy about soups- so this brings me back to my childhood. Back then, I was known very fondly as "The Little Taster"! I would taste all the foods and recommend improvements. I make very unusual and unique and awesome soups and my costumers love them all. I get great satisfaction from what I do, and I feel that my customers feel the same way. Creation of any kind brings you closer to the Creator......and I love what I am doing!"
Their Contact Info:

D'Lish Very Vegetarian
3190 W HWY 89A Ste# 300
Sedona Arizona 86336

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